2010 AGM

Annual General Meeting 2010

The Oman Quality Network Executive Committee is organizing the Annual General Meeting of the OQNHE. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 9 March 2011 at Muscat College from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The meeting agenda items will include the following:

  • Welcome
  • Executive Committee Chairs’ report.
  • OQNHE Treasurer’s report
  • Feedback of the OQNHE Representatives on the OQNHE evaluation report (Feedback of HEIs to be sent to Fakhriya@oac.gov.om by 2 March 2011)
  • OQNHE strategic plan
  • Membership fees
  • General Business.
  • The meeting will provide an opportunity for the higher education sector to discuss and provide feedback on the OQNHE evaluation report and its intended strategic plan. The report can found at http://www.oac.gov.om/OQNHEfiles/article/OQNHE_final_report.pdf. It is much appreciated if you could send your feedback on the report to the OQNHE Administrative Officer, Ms, Fakhriya Habsi, no later than 2 March 2011.

    In addition, the OQNHE Executive Committee would like to kindly request you to confirm or update the OQNHE Administrative Officer on your HEI representatives in the OQNHE. Once the names and contact details of your representatives are received, they will be posted in the OQNHE website. It is preferred if the representatives have quality assurance responsibilities in their HEIs. For a complete list of representatives, please visit http://www.oac.gov.om/OQNHE/members/

    Attendance of your representatives must be confirmed to Ms. Fakhriya Al Habsi ( fakhriya@oac.gov.om) by March 2nd.Many thanks for your valuable support to the OQNHE activities.