Plunger Lift

Plunger Lift is the most cost effective form of artificial lift that uses the well`s natural energy. It is suitable for number of applications and can be used for both oil and gas wells. It offers excellent corrosion and gas handling, this system provides optimum solutions for production enhancement, particularly in high gas-to-liquid ratio wells.

Plunger systems are easy to maintain, well suited for small fields, marginal well and remote wells. Principal hardware in a Plunger Lift system include the plunger, downhole bumper spring assembly, surface lubricators, System controllers, Control valve and accessories.

Benefits of Gaslift systems include
  • High degree of flexibility and design rates
  • Excellent sand handling capability
  • Minimal amount of surface requirements
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Full bore drift of tubing
  • Wireline retrievable
Applications of Gaslift systems include
  • Wells with insufficient bottomhole pressures or
  • Deep wells with large hydrostatic head and unable to flow by itself
  • Readily available high pressure injection gas near well
  • Kick off wells for natural flow by clearing the heavier completion fluids from tubing
  • Unload water from gas wells that would otherwise prevent gas production
  • Continuous or intermittent flow
Typical Specification
  • Production – Up to 10,000 bpd
  • Depth – From 5,000- 10,000 ft
  • Temperature – Up to 125 degC
  • Wellbore deviation – Up to 50 deg